Hello, I'm Gabrielle. I'm 24 and love all things gaming. 

My love for board games started when I was a lot younger and my sisters and I would play Monopoly over and over.. and over again. Back then I thought that the definition of board games were games like Monopoly, Cluedo.. maybe even Kerplunk. Now that I've grown up I can see that board gaming is that, and so much more. 


I've recently got back into the hobby and I've definitely dove in headfirst, I'm so overwhelmed by all of the different types of games and themes out there that I get so excited about watching gameplay videos, reviews and upcoming games (my bank account doesn't) and always find myself at my local game store and browsing Kickstarter for hours. 


I decided to create this website to spread my love of board games with you guys, give honest reviews and hopefully share some information about games that you've never heard of that will soon become your favourites.


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